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21 Cities And Towns To Move Away From In The UK

14 Cities and Towns To Move Away From In the UK

Shakespeare, the Queen, football, and Tower Bridge. The UK has enough iconic symbols to fill a continent with museums. It’s no wonder that over a half million people move to this tiny island’s nation each year, and over 15 million people visit for leisure.

However, some of its corners have done away with the cute thatched roof cottages and afternoon tea.

Football hooligans, deflated housing markets, drugs, and crime have infiltrated so many places in the UK that it’s best to stay away from some areas.

So, if you’re looking to move to the UK or you’re trying to find an excellent place to visit, you’d best steer clear of the following dangerous, depressed, and wrecked UK cities.

1. Grimsby

With a population of around 87,574, according to The Office for National Statistics, Grimsby can trace its roots back to the days of William the Conqueror, but its long history hasn’t been able to save it from desperate circumstances a downturn caused by the recession.

Residents of Grimsby have remained stalwart throughout the economic malaise of the past few years, but the recovery has been an arduous one.

As stated in The Grimsby Telegraph, the city also scored poorly with the UK Peace Index as statistics placed the town in the bottom 20% of cities in the UK because of a lack of police officers and above average rates of murder, violence, and crime.

Grimsby features some areas heavily impacted by drug abuse and violence with neighborhoods like Freeman Street seeing an uptick in crimes related to drug use. Some residents have even suggested that drinking in public should be banned because of the groups of raucous alcoholics lining the streets. In addition, Grimsby’s population of unemployed youth has reached 25%, according to The Work Foundation.

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