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12 Of The Best Eclectic Restaurants In The United States

All across the nation are restaurants and food shacks opening to cater to the dining needs of the public. Sometimes, you can find a special place with a unique theme or strange food you’ve never tried before. Below is a list of the 12 most novel, eclectic and just plain scrumptious restaurants found in the U.S.

You’ll find steak restaurants owned by NFL players, seafood restaurants inspired by movies, and places that have the best turtle soup in the country.

1. The Best Texas Barbecue Not In Texas: Mighty Quinn’s Barbecue – East Village, New York

The argument over who makes the best Texas barbecue will become even more heated if you visit Mighty Quinn’s Barbecue in the East Village. Try the smoked beef rib or glazed chicken wings and see how New York puts its own special spin on Texas barbecue.

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