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10 Surprising Cities You Should Visit In 2015

A lot of Americans are under the impression that they need to leave the country in order to travel to exotic places and see amazing sites that they have never witnesses in their lives. That is absolutely untrue. America has all of these natural treasures, it’s simply up to you to discover them.

So if you think you need to have a passport to travel to beautiful and strange destinations, think again. America really does have it all and you can find all of these things from sea to shining sea. As you know, America is absolutely enormous. You literally have over 4 million square miles to travel if you want to see the entire country.

It’s a good thing that the find people of Lonely Planet are there to help you navigate through this enormous and gorgeous country. They have released their list of the best U.S. destinations to visit, and the top ten might be pretty surprising to some. Of course, some of them are pretty easy to guess, but there are others that might shock you.

For example, Queens, New York might be a pretty obvious place to visit, but how about Western South Dakota? That’s right, it landed at number two on the list. Other recommended destinations for this year include New Orleans, the Colorado River, North Conway (New Hampshire, and Oakland (California). We highly recommend you check out their site to get the full list.

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