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Top 20 Small Cities In Florida


15. Bonita Springs

If you are a climate buff, you will want to know that Bonita Springs is the northernmost place in Florida with tropical climate. For the rest of us, this beautiful little town will be more interesting as the perfect combination of the small-town appeal and all the amenities and facilities you might ever need. With its 40,000 residents, it is a truly small town with a feel to go along with it and yet, you are not forced to give up on anything.

The town is a popular eco-tourist destination, mostly thanks to The Everglades Wonder Gardens, a complex that opened in 1936 which boasts a fantastic collection of flora and fauna, including exotic birds and animals, as well as a spectacular botanical garden. It also features a great natural history museum.

Bonita Springs is also home to such favorites such as Barefoot Beach Park, Little Hickory Island Beach Park and Bonita Beach Park. For those who want something completely different, there is the famous greyhound race track in town as well, a very popular destination for the duration of racing season.

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