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Top 21 Reasons Liverpool Is Better Than Manchester

21. Liverpool’s Effect On U.S. Cities

The first skyscraper in the United States was built in Chicago in 1884. It was designed by a man called William Le Baron Jenney who was a member of the so-called Chicago School of Architecture (the first iteration). A guy who was also part of this school was an architect called John Wellborn Root.

The reason why we are mentioning Root is that he lived in Liverpool in the 1860s when a building called Oriel Chambers was erected, designed by Peter Ellis. The design was not welcomed by Liverpudlians, but Root noticed a few things and when he went back to the U.S. he incorporated many of the elements in his future designs. Many of those designs became integral parts of the first skyscrapers built in the United States and they influenced everything that came later.

In short, without a Liverpool building called Oriel Chambers, U.S. cities would have looked quite different. On the other hand, Manchester sent David Beckham over. Thanks Manchester.

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