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The 25 Most Dangerous Cities In The USA

3. Newark, New Jersey

According to Business Insider, most Americans that are familiar with the east coast probably know Newark has had a bad reputation for high crime rates for many years. The site also confirmed that this “Garden State” city is far from perfect, and when it comes to violent crimes it is one of the most dangerous cities to live in.

Stats from Business Insider show that in 2012 there were 34 murders per 100,000 people reported within the Newark city limits. Neighborhood Scout stats show that although the crime rate is near average for cities of similar sizes in the US, Newark has a very high rate of violent crimes.

Data collected by their website also shows that the most common violent crimes committed in Newark are forcible rape, murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault (which includes assault with a deadly weapon).

The Neighborhood Scout site data goes on to show that such high crime numbers make the chances for the average Newark resident to be involved in a violent crime 1 in 85. These alarming numbers collected by Neighborhood Scout help to make Newark one of the cities in the US with the highest violent crime rates, and make it incredibly dangerous to live or work in.

When it comes to property crimes Newark also rates as one of the worst cities to live in with the chances of citizens being a victim in this type of scenario 1 in 26. This means that there is a huge chance to be a victim of a carjacking, larceny, burglary or even arson.

If you are a commuter in the city, Neighborhood Scout warns that the chances of a resident getting their car stolen is also very, very high in Newark at 1 in 70. This easily makes Newark more dangerous than 94 percent of the other communities in the state of New Jersey, according to data collected by the their website.

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