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21 Cities And Towns To Move Away From In The UK

14 Cities and Towns To Move Away From In the UK

Shakespeare, the Queen, football, and Tower Bridge. The UK has enough iconic symbols to fill a continent with museums. It’s no wonder that over a half million people move to this tiny island’s nation each year, and over 15 million people visit for leisure.

However, some of its corners have done away with the cute thatched roof cottages and afternoon tea.

Football hooligans, deflated housing markets, drugs, and crime have infiltrated so many places in the UK that it’s best to stay away from some areas.

So, if you’re looking to move to the UK or you’re trying to find an excellent place to visit, you’d best steer clear of the following dangerous, depressed, and wrecked UK cities.

1. Grimsby

With a population of around 87,574, according to The Office for National Statistics, Grimsby can trace its roots back to the days of William the Conqueror, but its long history hasn’t been able to save it from desperate circumstances a downturn caused by the recession.

Residents of Grimsby have remained stalwart throughout the economic malaise of the past few years, but the recovery has been an arduous one.

As stated in The Grimsby Telegraph, the city also scored poorly with the UK Peace Index as statistics placed the town in the bottom 20% of cities in the UK because of a lack of police officers and above average rates of murder, violence, and crime.

Grimsby features some areas heavily impacted by drug abuse and violence with neighborhoods like Freeman Street seeing an uptick in crimes related to drug use. Some residents have even suggested that drinking in public should be banned because of the groups of raucous alcoholics lining the streets. In addition, Grimsby’s population of unemployed youth has reached 25%, according to The Work Foundation.

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  • Jim

    Swansea, Glasgow, and Belfast are NOT in England. England is NOT synonymous for the UK. Swansea is in Wales, Glasgow is in Scotland, and Belfast is in Northern Ireland. If you are going to compare cities in the UK, thats fine, just don’t put them all in England! Shows that we Americans either don’t know, or worse, don’t care! This is coming from an Ex-Pat living in England.

    • Steve Ireland

      if you read the headline it says towns and cities in the uk

    • Yahoo

      Doh!!! Clue is in the title numbnuts!!!

    • Jack

      The article is titled “14 cities and towns to move away from in the Uk” …

  • John

    Most of the photos shown are 5 years plus out of date, the view of what England should be like is 50 years out of date, and three of the English City’s included are not even in England. Shambolic artical that only proves the author has never been anywhere near the UK.

  • MartyMartian

    I got as far as Swansea being in England, not Wales and gave up. Some ignoramus wrote this lot. Thanks Jim. I live near Swansea. The English also get Britain and England mixed up all the time. Many think they are synonymous and they have no excuse except arrogance.

  • adam

    what an awfully ignorant article! very embarrassing for this website to publish such drivel!

  • sideswipe

    This is appalling. Recorded crime in Nottingham is actually dropping at quite a fast pace. Income is also not low, due to massive companies like Eon, UPS, Capital One and oh I don’t know the UK Tax Office amongst others basing themselves there. Can the person who wrote this not use Google, as they appear to use made up opinions and similar “facts” for most of the towns and cities here. Many of the things peddled in this article as “facts” are either made up, or are entirely inaccurate.If you are going to write an article like this, at least take the time to do more than a quick Google. Awful stuff.

  • barrydavies

    The Wirral is not a Town it is an Area, containing several Towns such as Wallasey and Birkenhead.

  • evilscotman2014

    Glasgow gets lots of rain hahaha well all I can say is it was not the Scottish you had there country under water for months of end RAIN for 3 months solid!!! Glasgow is an amazing city and growing really fast however some cites in England are back in the time and trying to be like America fat chance oft fat going to happen the English are to rude oh and to the Yankee that commented below me Swansea is in Flooded England

  • Tom

    What Jim said! Jesus, what a load of misinformed crap. Reading this has made me so angry. Who the hell wrote this shit?!

  • Dave

    Wirral ! are you serious More millionaires than most parts of the country. Home to one of the most prestigious golf courses . A pleasant rural environment. The person who came up with this list was obviously some lazy hack who couldn’t be bothered to check their facts. A pointless and misleading list

  • stelufc

    so every major city bar Leeds, Sheffield, Edinburgh and Newcastle then???

  • Jacob723

    ‘The local government [in Sunderland] had to suspend job benefits for people who were on unemployment for too long because nobody was trying to find work.’
    I don’t know what ‘job benefits’ are, but local government in the UK does not have the power to impose general suspensions of jobseeker’s allowance, employment and support allowance or any other welfare benefits. This story is nonsense.

  • submariner_highlander

    According to this article there is nowhere left to live in the UK. Nuke those 14 places and there is no UK as we know it. The title could have read move away from the UK.

  • paul causton

    it does say UK…

    ’14 Cities and Towns To Move Away From In the UK’


  • Dave A

    Are you for real ………….. Half the cities you mention are not even in England ………….. The Wirral isn’t a town or city, its a county area, and if Glasgow has much of its population unemployed, the do you mean that its over 50%?????? ……………..don’t be ridiculous …………………..Who writes this shit??

  • Kenny Campbell

    If this had any connection with reality, I think the message would be don’t move to the UK. Superficial, judgemental and not considering why so many people actually want to live in all of these places.

  • Jane Smith

    Wirral isn’t a city but a borough of over 52 towns and villages – don’t worry about facts and figures getting in the way of your crap article though.

  • Jackyladdo

    Middlesboro is a town, not a city. Just saying…

  • Deb

    Where did you get these so-called ‘facts’? Apart from being generally wrong, they even contradict each other regarding the numbers of people applying for each job. Wirral is neither a town nor a city – it is a peninsula on the north-west coast with a number of towns on it.
    Also, local government has nothing to do with unemployment benefit and as such would never have the power to stop claimants being paid, ‘because they wouldn’t look for work’.
    Lets see all the bad facts about any town or city you care to mention in America!

    • David Cankett

      Deb they are equally ignorant about the American cities, I’m afraid they are just not too bright

  • Chris McHugh

    Plus the Glasgow one. This is just poorly researched, biased, lazy clickbait nonsense and the author should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Rob

    I’d be more inclined to believe this, had they included in reference as to the data they keep stating. But as they don’t bother, it all sounds very much like a load of bullshit.

  • Bill Enright

    “Nobody can afford to live in London” – well, except the millions who do. What a crap article.

  • dave

    “The Wirral” is a metropolitan borough not a town or city. It contains some deprived areas but also some extremely affluent and sought properties. I suggest you research more thoroughly, rather than resorting to shoddy journalism.

  • Tim Higgins

    Well, I didn’t see references to my native Belfast in England, so maybe they’ve edited it, but yes, we British Celts in the ‘other’ countries get tired of Yanks asking us about England or being English. I did the same thing though, on a plane out of Argentina, when I presumed the guy next to me was American due to his accent: “NO, I’M CANADIAN!”

    However, I’ve no idea why this article only picked out 15 bad places in the UK! There are towns in Northern Ireland FAR worse than Belfast, like Strabane, which was rated the worst in the UK a few years ago, and Ballymena with its drug problems. Thankfully, drugs are not YET a major problem across Northern Ireland, unlike Glasgow: people have moved from Glasgow to depressed estates in Belfast and say it’s like heaven on earth!

    But surely this should just be ‘avoid the UK’? I have yet to find a reason why ‘all these immigrants’ are coming here – it’s a sinkhole and it’s sinking further into hell! These descriptions could apply to practically every part of this nation, bar the ‘rich’ areas!

  • Jordan

    You have somehow cherry picked two or three issues that occur in all developed societies, applied them to all the major cities of the UK and drawn poor conclusions from them. To say you should walk around “in groups” in Manchester is a fallacy, and I am living in Birmingham (a competing city!).

  • richard

    Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, London and Nottingham are great cities. This article is utter drivel.

  • Englishh

    A city called Wirral? Am I missing something here????

  • Englishh

    Also Liverpool won the European Capital of Culture!!!! How can that be a bad place to live!!??

    • Davo

      What a load of ill informed, twisted drivel! Come on….identify yourself???

  • Harry

    the title doesn’t say England, rather “…in the UK”

    • john

      the title has been changed since some comments were made.

    • JK

      Come and join us with the rest of the population of Romania here in rainy Glasgow

  • Alfred Parkinson

    There’s basically nowhere left after this list! What you are saying is urban living in the UK sucks. Live in the country or go abroad. And you’re probably not wrong! This coming from someone who grew up living in several different English counties and spent 6 years living in other European countries and 1 year in India.

    • Julia

      No point nit picking which City is in which part of the UK, Ireland, or for that matter Wales.
      Having lived in Swansea for some 25 years prior to having lived in Berkshire/England, Germany,
      France and Switzerland, I can clearly see the decline in terms of drugs problems, unemployment,
      Inner City decay, factory closures, business closures + utter and complete lack of support for small businesses and traders, lack of infrastructure, lack of car parking (I could go on.

      And yet there is a University in town, beautiful coast line and the unquestionably delightful North Gower and South Gower nearby. The situation is a disgrace and Welsh people need to stand up and be counted, not just grumble. I am truly fed up to the teeth hearing about beautiful Rossili Beach (No 1 in the UK, and no 9 in the world) – yes its lovely. BUT Swansea. which is not far from Rossili, sporting it’s own iconic unspoiled sea front/coast line, is nevertheless slipping into more and more decline.

      The answer has to be a complete re-think and swift action before matters get even worse. The local Administration and the Welsh Assembly have a massive task in hand –

      The question begs do they have the know how and willpower and the fiscal means to rescue this town. And that must include the rejuvenation of a VERY dilapidated ‘High Street’, which is the
      first port of call for visitors leaving the main railway station.

      I hope so. Swansea is a tale of 2 cities. There are many positives in Swansea life too, with in town
      parks which rival those of many other cities across the UK and Wales. Many Swanseans are
      outgoing friendly and sociable – not necessarily the case in all Cities in the UK.

  • Mark

    It’s funny that although I live in Liverpool and come from Liverpool, I don’t know anyone in my large extended family or any of my friends who are unemployed or have been victim to violent crime. I’d love to know where you get your facts from, Jackanory maybe?

  • WesternApproaches

    I wasn’t aware Hull had been a tourist trap. I do know Del boy & Rodney sailed from there.

  • johnnyb245

    Don’t know where they get the terrible traffic from. Traffic is fine in Glasgow.

  • johnnyb245

    Don’t know where they get the terrible traffic idea from. Traffic in Glasgow is fine.

  • Ian

    The Wirral isn’t a town or a City, its an area. And like most area’s it has deprived towns like Birkenhead and extremely affluent towns like Caldy where the average house price is around £1m.
    What a terrible article

  • gumbychops

    If everyone moves out of London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool, Bristol will be awfully crowded.

  • Phill Mathis

    Moving from Portsmouth to Glasgow I can tell you right now that this is a hugely unfair representation of Glasgow, it is rated the number 1 city to visit this year by Lonely Planet. It has won the city of Culture and the right to host the Commonwealth Games. Any city is what you make of it but Glasgow welcomes everyone, the people are friendly, the atmosphere is fantastic, I have never been unemployed since moving up and never been the victim of crime in 7 years. This throwback report to the 90’s is a disgrace to every city on this list.

  • Steve Boswell

    Glasgow is a great place to live, its being totally transformed from what it stereotypically gets classed as. It has great uni’s, shopping which is second best to London, stuff to do day and night also it has some of the nicest people who you could meet. I do not live in Glasgow at the moment but I would move back in a heartbeat. Some of the other cities on this list should not be on it either, this article is terrible.

  • wickedlymale

    Actually, Manchester is a great city. I wouldn’t have taken friends there 20 years ago but now it buzzes with life, has an amazing University. It has some scum but where doesn’t? Great restaurants and pretty broad minded people too.

  • Phil

    So your article-writing device worked out that Hull is on the coast from the picture of boats that you fed it, eh? Better reprogram it to understand that Hull never was “The Seaside.” While you’re at it, why don’t you just re-title the whole piece “Don’t live in a city”, and save everyone’s time.

  • Landaaaaaaan

    This is easily one of the worst things to have been put on the internet for some time.

  • Mitch

    When my home city (Glasgow) is in trouble, I choose to stay and help it, not run away – and certainly not because some sociopathic American commentator says so.

    But then, even arguing this point dignifies this vacuous, ill-informed and superficial article with a credibility it has not earned.

  • Teribus Ye Teri Odin

    I live in Glasgow, I am a published author and I chose to move here. Whoever wrote this ‘article’, is a less than impressive person. This city is living off a reputation that was garnered in the 20th century. It is undeserving of these unkind remarks.

  • Steven gruber

    This is rubbish, Manchester and Glasgow definitely don’t belong here.

  • markus

    hahaha the wirral is a hole as is liverpool … correct

  • Stephen

    It is obvious that the writer of this article has lifted his ‘information’ from statistics in the public domain. I am sure that the residents of these ‘cities’ would not recognise them from the description given. You can make statistics to mean anything and in this case you would not be comparing like with like.

  • Terns Fawshack

    I have honestly zero problems with this list. As an ex-pat, I moved to Stockholm because I generally found a lot to dislike about the UK infrastructure. The cities listed here are some solid examples of places that I visited and loathed. London is exactly as it describes, and how DARE you @Bill Enright state that “millions live there despite the expense”, given that many struggle massively to do so. London is a great example of a broken model, where the places people live are fucking tragically small, yet cost more than a fully detached house in far nicer areas. And Glasgow? ForGET about it. Glasgow is a hole beyond all holes, and the people (in general), like New Yorkers, are overtly aggressive. The people complaining about this list are by vast majority people living in places on this list. Wouldn’t surprise me if they just hadn’t explored the wider world to see the flaws in their home. I’ve lived in three shores, worldwide. I have zero interest in returning to the UK as a result of those eye-opening trips.

  • adele

    Nottingham is a beautiful city with lots of historical buildings and beautiful places. Manchester is a great place to visit new mixed in with old buildings and great shopping. Bradford might not be international but the people who live their like it. Maybe the person who wrote this should try visiting places before writing about them. In the Uk we have our fair share of problems but they are nothing like this article is trying to suggest. Get on a plane and have a look or at least do a google search before writing drivel.

  • Liam

    I lived in Wirral until I was 20 and Liverpool for the last year. Wirral has it’s dodgy areas yes but name me one area (I say area because it isn’t a town or a city) that doesn’t. It is a brilliant place to live and it’s incredibly family friendly, and also it has lots of very highly regarded schools with an excellent success rate, as well as a lot of very affluent areas. Liverpool does have some bad areas around the city, like literally every other city in the country, but the city centre especially is great. It has amazing architecture, some of the friendliest people in the country, a good nightlife, amazing shopping (second fastest growing city for retail in the country behind London), and a hell of a lot of culture.

  • Jack

    The problems identified in this article are not isolated to these cities only. But they are synonymous with most parts of the UK and all across the world. To pick out 15 cities is ridiculous. I am a Swansea Jack born and bred and know that when the weather is nice (which is not very often I know) Swansea is one of the most attractive places in Europe…twinned with Nice apparently!!! Each city mentioned here are also attractive for many other reasons ie London and Liverpool.
    Before writing any more articles, please do a bit of research first. Many thanks.

  • David

    This is an absolutely ridiculous article obviously written by somebody that has never even been to the UK, let alone knows anything about it. I live in Liverpool and have a steady job, never been robbed and cannot think of anybody who has been involved in ‘homicide’.

    Do not even get me started on the part about the Wirral. I have never seen any homeless people on the Wirral, which article writer is a peninsula by the way. Having worked in Manchester I find it a very nice place to be.

    Every city has poor parts and every city has problems, but to pigeonhole places like you have just illustrates your ignorance. I have previous worked in a number of hotels in Liverpool and every tourist has loved visiting the city.

  • Andy

    Amusing , I assume the author has never been to the uk. So based on how inaccurate I know this article is, I must assume the rest of the site is probably as well researched. Goodbye

  • Jo

    So the massive investment and regeneration of the industrial heartlands inSwansea account for nothing? Absolute rubbish by someone who has clearly not seen the marked improvement in the environment since the close of industry. Poor journalism when the £200 million investment by the local Uni goes unrecognised.
    Swansea has fantastic heritage, unique countryside and is on the up

  • Graeme

    Anyone taking this seriously is as ignorant as the people who put it together.

  • George

    This is a joke. Manchester is one of the most vibrant and up and coming Cities in Europe right now. Violent crime is actually reducing. It’s like someone put this together with unverfied news snippets from the 80s. Where’s your evidence?

  • mawdesleytractor

    Mawdesley, a lifeless, inbred, little, sub-rural s**t hole in the back of the back of beyond in the most drab and featureless part of Lancashire is the most depressing place in the UK.

  • Deathtrooper88

    Since when is Burnley a city?

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